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Heat sealing machines are available in a wide variety ranging from simple impulse heat sealers that cost less that a hundred pounds to automated continuous heat sealing machines selling for tens of thousands. Heat sealing is relatively fast and has therefore been a system largely used for packing everything from screws and bolts to sweets and potato chips.

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Are bag sealers safe to use? Impulse bag sealers heat up and cool down in only seconds, making them safe to handle and use. Direct heat (aka constant heat) sealers acquire very hot and stay hot. Using a direct heat sealer does require the operatour to be mindful of the hot sealing jaws.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse heat sealers are the most normal and safest sealing systems in use now for sealing poly bags. Impulse heat poly bag sealers work with a wide assortment of materials. Using either bar, the heating element is hot amid the heat cycle. When that cycle is above, an optional cooling cycle starts, cooling the seal below pressure. Our impulse heat sealers are known for their ability to manufacture uniform consistent hermetic seals in most poly films.

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Safe, flexible and cost effective bag sealing

Cost-effective the tape seal is globally recognised by the food industry as a cost effective bag sealing method, particularly when there is a requirement for normal re-sealing to retain the stop product fresh.

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Our all spectrum of cellophane bags are food safe and a food certification certificate is on offer on request. Apart from those mentioned above they do not have a packaging supplierble flap and so can be tied with ribbon, sealed with a sticker or heat sealed.

Create your possess custom-sized plastic bags with layflat tubing and heat sealers

Layflat tubing, known as polythene suppliers tubing, is a continuous length of polythene suppliers tubing that creates custom bags of almost any shape and size. It protects products from dust and dirt amid manufacture, or can be used to improve their presentation in store. For added security, these bags can be sealed with either a heat sealer or bag ties. Our Layflat polythene suppliers tubing is on offer in spectrum of lengths and widths to suit almost all item. Want additional protection? Ask about our additional robust 100 micron bubble tubing, or select our black Layflat tubing to retain your products concealed. RAJA also has a spectrum of heat sealers , all of which come with a warranty, and we also stock spare parts. Our dedicated machine specialist will assist you determine which size and type of heat sealer is proper for your business requirements, and they will also come out to your premises and demonstrate how to use it. So if you're looking for top quality layflat tubing and heat sealers with service to match you've come to the proper place.

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So What is a Heat Sealer?

A heat sealer is a machine used to seal product packaging using heat. Continuous heat sealers utilize heated moving belts. Impulse heat sealers use a stationary heated element. Good seals are a result of time, temperature and pressure.

Many industries use heat sealers to prepare products for sale, ranging in size from small businesses to large corporations which handle high volumes of material. Various styles and sizes are available from several companies which specialise in making heat sealers, along with the plastic bags to use with them.

Types of heat sealers

There are a few different kinds of heat sealing machines which are separated into two main categories:

- Continuous heat sealers

These are automatically operated heat sealers designed for continuous production runs. Products will be bagged, sent down the conveyor belt, will be sealed and then dropped into packaging boxes for shipment or storage. They feature a variable timer and a built-in film cutter. Continuous heat sealers are much larger and more expensive because of their greater sizes and higher volume capacity.

- Impulse heat sealers

With a single element and are generally designed for manual use. Some are partially automated. Impulse heat sealers range in price, with simple desktop versions being very affordable.

Impulse Bag Sealers

Impulse Bag Sealer Impulse bag sealers or impulse heat sealers work by releasing a short burst of electricity through a resistance wire that will bring a polythene bag, or other plastic materials, to its melting point and welding both sides together.

Impulse heat sealers won't get hot by just plugging them in. It will remain cool until you bring the sealers jaw to contact with the plastic film.

There are several types of impulse bag sealers which can be categorised into three different types of operations:

- Hand operated sealers

Hand operated heat sealer Heat sealer with sliding cutter Activated by the placing plastic film or layflat tubing between the jaws and pressing the upper jaw down to come in contact with the material, Usually available as tabletop models. Some are also available with a sliding cutter that can be used once the bag has been seald. Just slide the cutter with the opening jaw still closed to have the remaing polythene film cut off.

- Foot operated sealers

Specialist Polypropylene Foot Operated Sealer Usually free standing units that are mounted on a pedestal. The upper jaw will be drawn when the operator depresses the pedal leaving both the operator's hands free. Ideal for sealing polypropylene as they provide constant heat, required to seal this types of plastic, creating a wide crimp seal.

- Automatic impulse bag sealers

Normally tabletop heat sealers whose jaws are activated automatically by dial-controlled timers. This type of impulse bag sealer may also be manually operated when using an electrical foot switch. Like the pedal impulse sealers, both the operator's hands are left free.

Correct use of impulse heat sealers

For an optimal use of any impulse heat sealer the heating element timer must be set to produce enough heat to melt the packaging material for only an instant. The correct time is critical to the successful operation of any impulse bag sealer. If the heating timer is short it will result in a weak seal and the bag will tend to burst. If too long the plastic will 'burn' instead of melt and will also result in an inferior seal. Instructions on how to properly set the timer are normally found on your heat sealer's manual.

Impulse sealers are fast and efficient tools to securely seal many types of packaging materials but are not recommended for cellophane, laminated polypropylene or other cello -like materials that require the temperature set-point to be maintained for fixed periods of time.

Quality in a Heat Sealer

Heat sealing with a heat sealer is a good quick solution for a wide range of products and is a way to assure that a company's product will maintain its integrity to the point of use.

A heat sealer should be built on a robust platform to stand up to rigorous continuous use. In the case of impulse heat sealing, it should mechanically absorb the thermal environment away from the platen after heating and it should be built with good electronics that manage the temperature at the critical thermal environment. A quality heat sealer should also provide safety features to prevent injuries to the user.

The important thing in finding a quality heat sealer is not only to locate a company that provides a heat sealer that just uses time, pressure and heat to seal products but also to find one that is reliable for every seal.